Ocean Health

Our oceans help feed our planet, provide the oxygen we breathe, support millions of jobs around the world, and generate trillions of dollars in economic activity every year. But from climate change to a range of unsustainable practices our oceans are under threat.

The Foundation has a broad portfolio of projects focused on addressing ocean health through research, innovation, story telling and policy change.

Sea Around Us 

Sea Around Us provides the most respected global reconstructed estimates of unreported fishing to generate a realistic picture of global, national and local catch. This University of British Columbia program is making such data more available to researchers, policy makers and enforcement officials, allowing for informed decisions to sustain fisheries.

Human-assisted evolution of coral

In a five-year grant to the University of Hawaii Institute for Marine Biology and the Australian Institute for Marine Science Australian Institute of Marine Science, human assisted evolution of coral is being explored to develop stocks of reef corals bred to be resilient to climate change's effects on ocean conditions (warmer and more acidic.)

50 Reefs

In partnership with Bloomberg Philanthropies and Tiffany Foundation, the 50 Reefs global coral reef action agenda seeks seeking to identify the top 50 key reef systems that offer the most hope in withstanding the ocean conditions of the future and developing conservation strategies required to protect their ecosystems and repopulate other lost reefs.

Puget Sound aquaculture

This project, led by Puget Sound Restoration Fund, will investigate seaweed cultivation as a potential strategy for locally mitigating the effects of ocean acidification in Puget Sound, potentially creative protective "halos" to protect and provide habitat for threatened marine species.

Plastics and pollution

The Sea of Opportunity plastics report was authored by Encourage Capital and identifies impact investment opportunities to eliminate plastic pollutions as a significant contributor to the rapidly deteriorating health of our ocean.


Working to protect our environment and key species around the world

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