Arts & Culture

Investing in the human experience of arts and culture


A vibrant arts sector is critical to community wellbeing and reflects the communities it serves. Our investment in the human experience of art accelerates the power of artistic creation, honors culture and heritage, and brings communities together.

ArtsFund Community Accelerator Grant

In 2023, the Community Accelerator Grant was a pilot program administered by ArtsFund that provided $10M in unrestricted grant funding to 671 organizations across 35 counties within Washington state. In 2024, the program's second year, $10M in unrestricted funding went to 811 organizations in 37 counties across Washington state. Directed by a community advisory panel, funds will advance recovery toward a stronger, more inclusive, and thriving arts and culture sector in our state. Grants also prioritized organizations serving BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and rural communities, as well as people with disabilities.
Partners:  ArtsFund

Northwest Trolls

The Northwest Nordic Troll Hunt is a public art project celebrating the culture and heritage of the Pacific Northwest and Denmark through six giant trolls created by artist Thomas Dambo. These sculptures, themed the “Way of the Bird King,” and made from natural and recycled materials, are displayed across various locations including Portland, Bainbridge Island, Issaquah, West Seattle, Vashon Island, and Ballard. The project emphasizes the importance of nature conservation and honoring our land and also offers collaborations with local tribes. 

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