Inaugural Allen Distinguished Investigator Life Science Symposium


Inaugural Allen Distinguished Investigator Life Science Symposium


Researchers to showcase groundbreaking work in cellular decision-making, human accelerated regions, reparative medicine, and cell lineage barcodes 

LA JOLLA, CALIF. — February 9, 2015 — In a showcase of some of the most exciting high-risk, high-reward ideas in the life sciences, recent recipients of the Allen Distinguished Investigator (ADI) award are gathering to present their work to an audience of thought leaders from around the world at the inaugural Allen Distinguished Investigator Life Science Symposium. The symposium highlights the work of researchers who typically receive nearly $1 million or more for three years of research. 

“The ADI program allows these bold explorers to open up new frontiers, following their curiosity to create fundamental understanding at a time when life science is expanding dramatically,” says Tom Skalak, Executive Director of Science and Technology programs for the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation.

The projects funded by ADI awards hold the promise of making great impact on their respective fields, including reanimating limbs with a brain-computer-spinal interface, exploring the genes that make us human, and seeking out a new way to treat lymphoma in Botswana.

Presentations during the all-day symposium will feature various key award focus areas.

Cellular Decision-Making

Human Accelerated Regions

Medical Research – From Global Health and Neuroengineering to Whole Cell Modeling

Lineage Barcode

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