Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB)
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The Foundation has provided four grants to Garden-Raised Bounty totaling $170,000.
---------------------- 'I learned how to be a leader and not to be afraid to let my voice be heard.' ----------------------
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Celebrating 20 Years

Olympia, Wash. - Food security is a problem for too many families throughout Thurston County, and high school graduation rates among low-income youth are trending in the wrong direction. But these two seemingly disparate issues are being simultaneously addressed on a neighborhood farm in Olympia.

Garden-Raised Bounty (GRuB) is teaching disadvantaged youth in Thurston County about responsibility, teamwork, and leadership through the operation of sustainable farm. By growing fresh local produce, they are able to sell the fruits of their labor in the community through seasonal produce boxes and a neighborhood market stand. They participate in the building of free back yard and community gardens for low-income families throughout Thurston and Mason counties, and donate to the local food bank, where organic produce is hard to come by. And more than fifty percent of the produce grown on the farm goes directly to low-income families by going home with the youth who grew it.

There's a lot packed into the two-acre GRuB Farm. While engaged in projects that improve local food security, youth are provided with mentoring, encouragement to finish high school, and access to financial aid for college. In the short term, GRuB offers educational support and employment training to young people. In the long term, the organization is cultivating the next generation of leaders.


What Cultivating Youth Crewmembers say:

"I learned how to be a leader and not to be afraid to let my voice be heard."

- Olivia West, 2009/2010 Cultivating Youth Crewmember

"My strengths are all things that I have developed at GRuB. I am dedicated, compassionate, and reliable. I have learned to lead large groups, how to redirect a situation if things don't go as planned, and how to speak in public."

- Marcela Shannon, 2009/2010 Cultivating Youth Crewmember

"I pushed my boundaries and challenged myself to try new things. I'm confident that these abilities I now consider my strengths will take me far throughout my higher education and life goals."

- Sequoia Demetro, 2009/2010 Cultivating Youth Crewmember

"I want my life to have meaning and to leave a major positive impact on the earth. If it's for the better, I can do it. I can lay myself on the line to better my surroundings and know who I am."

- Jordanna Averett, 2009/2010 Cultivating Youth Crewmember

"GRuB has given me so much. I was given a chance to learn, grow, discover, uncover and build something in myself that has always been lacking - confidence."

- Marcela Shannon, 2009/2010 Cultivating Youth Crewmember

"Not only did I learn how to build a garden for myself, I also got the opportunity to build them for families and see how happy they were to have food—and to grow it for themselves."

- Jacob Anderson-Reyes, 2008/2009 Cultivating Youth Crewmember, 2009/2010 Peer Crew Leader

"GRuB has provided me with an amazing opportunity to be able to get involved with the community and also the room to become a young man."

- Miguel Boddy, 2009/2010 Cultivating Youth Crewmember