Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation, Creativity and Collaboriation
A sense of place

Welcome to Northwest Journal: Celebrating 20 Years of Giving. This is a special anniversary report by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation. We've compiled stories from some of the many people and organizations we've worked with during the past two decades.

Here, you can see the bounty grown by teen farmers, hear the music of a lost cowboy band and read what a bilingual library means to a town with a growing Latino population.

In 1990, our giving began as we became concerned about the fate of the forests and clean waterways that mean so much to all of us in the Northwest. Since then, we've purchased more than half a million acres of forest to be protected from development and to preserve the ecosystems that provide so much to us in the region.

Our philanthropy has broadened in the years since. As the children of a librarian and a teacher, our love of reading led us to help build libraries and fill them with books. We've supported the arts, from Shakespeare in Ashland, Oregon, to Raven Cycle storytelling in Anchorage, Alaska.

There has been a strong emphasis on helping low-income families and support for education inside and outside of the classroom.

These stories in Northwest Journal are your stories, told by the people who work at non-profits and are served by them.

We want to thank the many organizations we've worked with over the past two decades for their talent, dedication and compassion. Their efforts have made an enormous difference in the lives of thousands of people. And we know that work will continue in the years to come.

Paul G. Allen
Paul G. Allen
Founder and Chairman of the Board, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation
Jody Allen
Jo Lynn Allen
Co-Founder and President, Paul G. Allen Family Foundation