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Cornelius, Boise, Seattle, Richland, and Anchorage—Northwest Journal travels to these locales and beyond, capturing the stories of outstanding organizations having deep and lasting impact on their communities. To celebrate 20 years of the work of the Foundation, we look to these and other partners, their voices, and their commitment to innovation, creativity and collaboration. They demonstrate our profound belief in the strength and endless potential of the land and its people.

  • Cornelius Library image
    Cornelius Library

    A full-time bilingual librarian in this western Oregon city says she's now able to serve the growing number of Spanish-speaking immigrants in town.

  • Seattle Biomedical Institute image
    Seattle Biomedical Institute

    The Seattle Biomedical Research Institute is using a Foundation grant to help in the effort to find a cure for tuberculosis.

  • Wild Entrust International image
    Wild Entrust International

    This Seattle-based group is working in Botswana to find a way to protect the endangered African Wild Dog.

  • Forest Protection image
    Forest Protection

    One of the Foundation's earliest efforts was to protect sensitive forestlands, eventually preserving 400,000 acres of land.

  • Garden-Raised Bounty image
    Garden-Raised Bounty

    A small farm in Olympia is helping disadvantaged youth in Thurston County learn about responsibility, teamwork, and leadership.

  • Delta High School image
    Delta High School

    The Tri-Cities in Washington has a new high school where students focus on project-based learning in science, technology, engineering and math struck a chord with the region

  • Regional Literary Support image
    Regional Literary Support

    The Foundation encourages the written word in its many forms throughout the Pacific Northwest. The Log Cabin literary center in Boise is one of them.

  • Western Folklife Center image
    Western Folklife Center

    The Center works to preserve unique western culture, including the tradition of Mexican-American story-telling ballads, and a revered western swing band.

  • Northwest Harvest image
    Northwest Harvest

    Food banks throughout Washington are receiving important, high-protein food as part of the 18 million pounds of food distributed each year by Northwest Harvest.

  • Evergreen Housing image
    Evergreen Housing

    In Portland, homeless and low-income people are receiving housing, job training and help in money management skills.

  • Cook Inlet Tribal Council image
    Cook Inlet Tribal Council

    This Anchorage organization serves more than 12,000 Alaska natives and American Indians a year through 35 culturally appropriate programs.