Analysis of Positively Selected Genetic Changes Unique to Modern Humans


Investigator: Dr. Svante Paabo
Institution: Max Planck Institute
Project Title: “Analysis of Positively Selected Genetic Changes Unique to Modern Humans”    
Award Amount: $738,000 (2013)

Dr. Svante Paabo is one of three ADI researchers the Foundation selected in 2013 that is investigating the genomic regions that are highly conserved but uniquely mutated in humans (Human Accelerated Regions or “HARs”) and their functional significance. This is unchartered territory and the research could help bring us one step closer in understanding what makes us human, and perhaps uncover insight into mutations that cause disease. This investigator will use the Neanderthal genome to identify genomic and gene differences that are truly human-specific and separate modern humans from other species.

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