1. Financial Empowerment



    Representatives from the Foundation and Seattle City officials gathered in mid-April for a ribbon-cutting ceremony for Seattle's seven new Financial Empowerment Centers.

  2. Investigators & Fellows



    The Foundation will award grants to three groups of researchers working in the field of cell lineage.

  3. Financial Empowerment

    Integrating Efforts Aimed at Disrupting Poverty Can Lead to Greater Success, Report Finds


    A review of six programs focused on disrupting poverty by building financial security found that integrating efforts has great value.

  4. Arts & Culture

    Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Vice President Susan Coliton to Resign


    The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announced that long-time Vice President Sue Coliton is leaving her role.

  5. Arts & Culture


    3/7/2014 : Puget Sound Business Journal

    Sue Coliton, the Foundation's vice president, on how proposed legislation could give communities the ability to provide families more access to local arts, science and heritage activities, regardless of income or social status.

  6. Investigators & Fellows

    Paul G. Allen Family Foundation to Support Bold Artificial Intelligence Researchers


    The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announced a call for proposals for the next round of funding under the Allen Distinguished Investigators (ADI) program

  7. Distinguished Educators

    Inglemoor Teacher Recognized for ‘Hands-On, Brain-On’ Classes

    2/19/2014 : The Northlake News

    Inglemoor High School teacher Mike Wierusz was one of seven teachers on the West Coast chosen as an Allen Distinguished Educator.

  8. Financial Empowerment

    Community Action Partnership receives large grant from Paul G. Allen Family Foundation

    2/18/2014 : KLEW-TV, Lewiston

    The Community Action Partnership in Lewiston, Idaho, received a $150,000 grant from the Foundation.

  9. Arts & Culture

    Allen Foundation Awards $465,000 to Alaska Groups

    2/5/2014 : Anchorage Daily News

    Several Alaska non-profit groups were awarded Foundation grants to support the arts across the region.

  10. Education

    Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Launches Allen Distinguished Educators Program


    The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation announces the launch of a new program, Allen Distinguished Educators

  11. Education

    Allen Distinguished Educator Program Announced


    The Allen Distinguished Educator program demonstrates the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation’s commitment to education, focusing on reinventing the classroom for the 21st century.

  12. Creative Leadership Award

    Lisa Daugaard, The Defender Association, Seattle, WA


    Daugaard created the Law Enforcement Diversion Program (LEAD) to give police officers another option before booking low-level drug or prostitution offenders into jail.

  13. Creative Leadership Award

    Merris Sumrall, The Library Foundation, Multnomah County, Oregon


    Merris Sumrall, CEO of The Library Foundation, saw a problem with a solution. She set her sights on mobilizing a small non-profit, and a huge community of library supporters, for an effort that some advisors and opinion-leaders said was not possible.

  14. Creative Leadership Award

    Pierce County Library, Tacoma, WA


    In the face of a projected $3 million budget shortfall and diminishing tax revenues for several more years, this organization was committed to ensuring the customer experience wasn't compromised.

  15. Creative Leadership Award

    ReUse Works, Bellingham, WA


    ReUse Works has developed a unique strategy to provide jobs and job training for low income workers at no cost to the community.

  16. Creative Leadership Award

    The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Names 2013 Creative Leadership Awardees


    Recipients recognized with $50,000 awards for bold leadership in Pacific Northwest

  17. Science & Technology

    The Paul G. Allen Foundation Drives Major Traumatic Brain Injury Study Forward With $2.37MM Grant


    First-of-its-kind research initiative, led by researchers at the University of Washington and the Allen Institute for Brain Science, to investigate unknowns of Traumatic Brain Injuries.

  18. Education

    2 Seattle middle schools focus on attendance, see scores climb

    11/21/2013 : SEATTLE TIMES

    Missing just a few days of class in sixth grade can predict whether you’ll graduate from high school. That research powers a national anti-dropout effort that’s making a difference at Seattle’s Aki Kurose and Denny International middle schools.

  19. Science & Technology

    Hawks owner Paul Allen funds research into brain injuries

    11/20/2013 : Sandi Doughton

    Billionaire’s long-standing interest in neuroscience intersects with the current focus on head injuries to athletes and soldiers.

  20. Financial Empowerment

    New Program Offers Financial Counseling to Those in Need

    11/14/2013 : NPR

    Learning how to budget and save is something everyone can benefit from, even people who barely have a penny to their name.

  21. Financial Empowerment

    Foundation Gives $1.8M to Seattle to Launch First Financial Empowerment Center Program on West Coast


    Six new centers to be based on promising concept proven to alleviate poverty, build up residents’ financial stability and create options

  22. Science & Technology

    How to Save Coral Reefs from Climate Change: Genetic Manipulation

    10/16/2013 : David Biello

    “similar to the genetic selection of animals and plants, coral reef organisms could be genetically selected to boost their resilience to environmental stress.” - Ruth Gates

  23. Science & Technology

    The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation Names Winner of Inaugural Ocean Challenge


    Public contest generated promising ideas to help mitigate ocean acidification, improve ocean health

  24. Arts & Culture

    Paul Allen gives $3 million to Oregon Shakespeare Festival

    10/14/2013 : David Stabler

    One of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival's biggest donors has given $3 million to the Ashland festival, resulting in the streamlining of names for the outdoor theater.

  25. Science & Technology

    Foundation Awards $1.5M to Fund University of Washington's Brain-Computer-Spinal-Interface Project


    Cutting-edge system, led by three leading researchers, aims to restore movement to otherwise paralyzed arms, hands of patients

  26. Investigators & Fellows

    A Brain-Computer Interface to Reanimate the Limbs Following Spinal Injury


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Chet Moritz and Team

  27. Investigators & Fellows

    Redefining Botswana lymphoma characterization, assessment, and treatment in Botswana


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Bruce Chabner

  28. Arts & Culture

    More Native authors coming to Montana Public Radio, thanks to grant

    8/11/2013 : Martin Kidston

    Native American authors will get more time on Montana Public Radio discussing their work thanks to a grant awarded to the station by the Paul G. Allen Family Foundations.

  29. Investigators & Fellows

    Analysis of Positively Selected Genetic Changes Unique to Modern Humans


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Savante Paabo

  30. Investigators & Fellows

    Genetic Mutation of HARs and Human Neurocognition


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Evan Eichler

  31. Investigators & Fellows

    Molecular and genetic analysis of human brain evolution


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Christopher Walsh

  32. Science & Technology

    The Foundation’s New $6.87M Grant Cycle Lends Strong Support to Scientific Research


    49 Grants Awarded to Nonprofit Organizations Will Impact More Than 800,000 Individuals

  33. Investigators & Fellows

    Newest Allen Distinguished Investigators Set Out to Unlock Fundamental Questions in Biology


    Paul G. Allen Family Foundation awards nearly $7.5 million to fund five cutting-edge research projects

  34. Investigators & Fellows

    Microbial Studies of Cellular Decision-making


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Jeff Gore

  35. Investigators & Fellows

    Cell-Size Control and its Evolution at the Single-Cell Level


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Suckjoon Jun

  36. Investigators & Fellows

    Untangling the Wires


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Hana El-Samad

  37. Investigators & Fellows

    Crowd Computing with Bacteria: Balancing Phenotypic Diversity and Coordinated Behavior


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Thierry Emonet + Team

  38. Investigators & Fellows

    Towards Whole-Cell Models of Higher Organisms


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Markus Covert

  39. Libraries

    The Future of Librarians in an EBook World

    2/4/2013 : Sarah Goodyear

    While the Paul G. Allen Family Foundation is funding tech initiatives such as a smartphone app for the Washington State Library, the focus on the human element is key, according to Sue Coliton, the foundation’s vice president.

  40. Libraries

    Grant gets film rolling at library

    2/2/2013 : Alfred Diaz

    The program will focus on teaching teens how to produce video projects.

  41. Financial Empowerment

    Study: Nearly Half In U.S. Lack Financial Safety Net

    1/30/2013 : Pam Fessler

    Nearly 44 percent of Americans don't have enough savings or other liquid assets to stay out of poverty for more than three months if they lose their income, according to the Corporation for Enterprise Development.

  42. Libraries

    Paul G. Allen Family Foundation supports libraries in latest $6.9 million grant cycle


    Foundation’s founders pay tribute to parents’ passion for libraries and reading in new round of giving.

  43. Creative Leadership Award

    Literary Arts (Portland, Oregon)


    Literary Arts has thrived amidst the economic downturn by focusing on mission alignment across all of its programs and reinventing itself as a community literary center.

  44. Creative Leadership Award

    Sandra Jackson-Dumont, Deputy Director of Education & Public Programs of Seattle Art Museum


    Sandra Jackson-Dumont, who came to the Seattle Art Museum in 2006, is regarded as a bold, original curator of participatory art experiences for people of all ages.

  45. Creative Leadership Award

    Deidre Holmberg, Principal at Delta High School


    Deidre successfully coordinates and nurtures the challenging and sometimes conflicting agendas of these 3 school districts, while at the same time building relationships to ensure that Delta HS students have experiential opportunities in the field.

  46. Creative Leadership Award

    Portland YouthBuilders


    In the midst of a downturn in the construction industry and in a state with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country, Portland YouthBuilders has positioned itself to weather the economic headwinds and benefit when the economy improves.

  47. Investigators & Fellows

    Progress Toward Understanding Visual-Motor Transformation in the Brain


    2010 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. Michael Dickinson

  48. Investigators & Fellows

    How the Brain Increases in Fitness


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. Christof Koch

  49. Investigators & Fellows

    Finding the Neural Basis for Aggressive Behavior


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. David J. Anderson

  50. Investigators & Fellows

    Understanding Neural Activity in the Brain


    2013 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. Ed Boyden

  51. Investigators & Fellows

    Sequencing the Connectome: Determining the Brain's Wiring Diagram


    2010 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. Anthony Zador

  52. Investigators & Fellows

    Using Plant Hormones to Program Multicelled Systems


    2010 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. Jennifer Nemhauser and Eric Klavins

  53. Investigators & Fellows

    Patterns of Neural Dynamics


    2010 Allen Distinguished Investigators - Dr. Mark Schnitzer

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