How We Give

When Paul Allen and Jody Allen established their family foundation in 1988, it was with the same desire to create resonant change that drives their investments and development projects today. Paul and Jody recognized that a single thoughtful grant could make a fundamental difference for communities and culture for years to come. They wanted to set off a series of ripple effects. But in order to do so, it meant addressing the same difficult questions in different, sometimes revolutionary ways. The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation looks for opportunities to fund programs in the Allen family’s areas of interest—the arts, financial empowerment, libraries, education and science and technology—that jumpstart meaningful change. Since its formation, The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation has invested more than $494 million to programs regionally and across the globe. Influenced by the Allen family’s commitment to the Pacific Northwest region, nearly 75 percent of that money has stayed in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho and Alaska.

The Foundation is currently taking a fresh look at its giving strategy and will be outlining new goals in the near future. 

Because our funding vision is carefully curated, we do not accept unsolicited proposals. We do like to stay apprised of initiatives and organizations that excite and engage us, so we encourage you to introduce yourself through our contact form.